I’m Lisa. I’m a copy editor and I live part-time in the Detroit suburbs and part-time on Lake Michigan’s shoreline. I take pictures, I write, I dream.

Both sumac and milkweed grow wild and plentiful in the fields and meadows and along the roadways where my family cottage is on Lake Michigan. I grew up loving the deep red of sumac and breathing in the heady scent of the milkweed’s flowers in summer and then blowing its umbrella-ed seeds across the meadow in fall. I love wild things and hope to honor them in my writing and photography.

milkweed in meadow



12 thoughts on “About”

  1. “An apple for a dollar”

    All letters of my name are silent.
    The Net turns lonelier day by day
    As our voices drown in the hum
    Of our others’ voices.

    I dream about simpler times —
    Of wilderness, of weeds;
    Of distant past so distant
    It may well be my distant future.

    Tune in to solar wind of Destiny!
    Etheric crackling on all bands:
    Radio scales still bear names of cities —
    Like maps of yore with roads and leylines —
    Gone long ago, with every letter silent.

    (October 20th of 2018)

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    1. This is just lovely! Thank you for dropping by and leaving this gorgeous morsel here. “Of distant past so distant / It may well be my distant future.” This is hitting me in all the right places.


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