Film cameras

My collection of film cameras keeps growing, so I thought I should say a little something about it on its own page. Here’s what I have, pretty much in order of acquisition:

  1. Pentax K1000, 50mm lens, with a broken light meter (semi-retired but it’s so clean I hesitate to pass it on)
  2. Pentax K1000 with a working light meter, also with 50mm lens and a 28mm lens (sort of permanently on loan to a lovely human)
  3. Olympus Pen, a cute little half frame rangefinder camera with no meter (given away, gifted in a film photography exchange)
  4. Olympus Pen EE3, another cute little half frame–this one is fixed focus, fixed everything, basically a point and shoot
  5. Minolta X-700 (I gave the one I originally bought to my son and I missed it, so I bought another); 50mm lens, 28-70mm lens with macro at 70, and a 135mm lens
  6. Minolta SRT-102 w/50mm lens, plus the extras above work on this camera
  7. Lomo Baby Fisheye (a gift! from a stranger!)
  8. Mamiya 645 1000s (not mine, but I borrow periodically from my son) w/80 and 210mm lenses
  9. Lomography Sprocket Rocket
  10. Holga 120N (by Sunrise–not an original, but fun nonetheless, although now it’s broken)
  11. RealitySoSubtle 6×6 pinhole camera
  12. Bronica SQ-A with 50, 80, and 150mm lenses
  13. Yashico Electro 35 GSN that needs repair (sold; didn’t have the patience for trying to get the electronics working)
  14. Olympus Pen S
  15. Polaroid Sun 660
  16. FPP Plastic Filmtastic Debonair (not a Holga, not a Diana)
  17. Mamiya M645 with 80mm lens (a very generous gift)
  18. Mamiya C220 with 80mm lens (from the same very generous gifter, above)
  19. Polaroid 600 One Step close up (original, possibly brand new, found in a freebie bin at a camera shop!)
  20. Three or four point and shoots that I need to list here