I’m a lot of things

But I’m really not a gardener.* I’m a big fan of gardens, however, and especially a fan of the people who tend to them.

I’m in awe of those who seem innately to know what to do with plants and earth. I have no issues with getting dirty or digging in the dirt, but I need a lot of direction. In fact, put me to work in your garden if it means you’ll grant me permission to wander at will (just hold my hand a bit, and be patient with my questions).

yellow daisies?
this might be yarrow…

I guess if I stayed in one place I could probably learn to tend a garden, but until then I will appreciate other people’s gardens.

lamb’s ear in fading light

I could sit in this particular garden all evening and listen to all the humming of activity, watch the sun move over this plot as it tucks in for the night.

late evening shadows under the trellis
shadows cast over the lavender labyrinth

*I might have identified some plants incorrectly here. Again, I’m no gardener. But I’m trying to learn the names of the things I appreciate.

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