September sky

Where did this month go?

Honestly, September flew by. Didn’t it just start? I had too much on my to-do list this month, only some of which got done (I guess I have a few more days to work on that). Slow down, September. What’s your rush, anyway? Where’s the fire (as my mother would say)?

But here at the end of this month, I just can’t get over the sky. September sky, particularly a big, wide open view over a great big body of water… well, it kind of can’t be beat.

sky + lake = heaven
The ocean, the sea? I bet they are as gorgeous. I’d like to spend more time getting to know them. But the Great Lakes come pretty close.

blue and white as far as you can see
I sound like a broken record. I feel like a broken record. I step out onto the deck multiple times during my workday to record this gorgeousness, either with my camera or just by trying to create an imprint on my brain, my soul.

Particularly in the last several days, the wind has been wild and the waves huge, crashing, like lumbering giants that roll over each other, bumbling. It’s mesmerizing.

dunegrass in detail; wild waves and clouds

pink mini stormcloud

lit up
Maybe October will hang out a little longer, move a little slower, let us savor it a bit longer. We can hope. Or, maybe we have to be proactive and demand it. The midwest turns vibrant in October–I will try to savor the burst of color before the winter moves in.

7 thoughts on “September sky”

      1. I’ve just been online again and found out more information about this plant but I could not have done it without your post. I plan on linking to your post regarding it.


      2. I have just used my photograph as my entry in the Weekly Photo Challenge of Quest because it certainly has been a quest for me to find out the name of the plant. I have linked to your post in which your photograph of this plant was featured. Here is a link to my post if you would like to see it. Thank you again, I surely didn’t think I would ever find out the name of this most unusual plant.

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  1. Wow, such beautiful photos. I love nature, spend a lot of time outdoors photographing nature. We have a lot of sumac and milkweed here in the Southeastern U.S. You have a nice blog. 🙂

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