I can’t wait!

My friend Jane came by my house yesterday. I had my exposed film in a baggy that I haven’t touched since I got back, which is a good thing since I am still toxic. I washed my hands thoroughly and decided I should still put the film in a fresh baggy anyway, you know, just in case; and I put it between my front door and the storm door for Jane to pick up. She dropped it at a local lab which I’ve been super happy with and, voila, I got an email a few hours ago that my scans were ready!

This makes me so phenomenally happy, even though I still pretty much feel like crap. And I totally owe Jane donuts and a roll of film. Friends who enable each other’s film obsession are friends to hang on to.

But, pictures! From Lima!

I will wait to post more until I am well enough to go to the lab and pick up my negatives because I don’t remember what film I used where, and I like to put that info here in case anyone reading or coming across this blog is interested. But for now, I can’t wait. I just can’t.

So here is one, with a little backstory. We stayed in an airbnb apartment in the Miraflores District, a really nice neighborhood in Lima, that sits on cliffs above the Pacific ocean. A walk of a little over a half mile from the apartment got us to the park atop the cliff and a walking/bike path that took us to stairs (many) that zigzagged through the park and then on a walkway over the highway and down to the rocky beach. These morning glories grow along the cliffs, accenting the spectacular view.

morning glories in Miraflores, Lima, Peru; Holga 120N

I will also say I don’t regret for a second my camera choices. The Minolta X-700 had a brief blip where it decided not to work in a tiny coastal town north of Lima, but it was short-lived. The Holga never wavered and even got dropped in the sand, which made the film-winding knob even louder and more conspicuous, which I didn’t think was possible.

All sorts of surprises in Lima. I wanted a change of scenery, a trip with my daughter, adventure, something different to photograph. I got all of these and more.


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